Star Freebies WhatsApp Alerts

Join the Star Freebies Telegram Channel (for freebie enthusiasts):
1. Download Telegram Messenger (if you don’t have it)
2. Click here to open the Telegram channel
3. Tap ‘Join’ (top right)

Install the Star Freebies Android App
1. Click here to download the Star Freebies app
2. Tap install, then open the app
3. You will automatically receive new freebie notifications

About WhatsApp Channels:

πŸ”’ Anyone with WhatsApp can follow a public WhatsApp Channel. Followers cannot see who else is following a channel. Followers cannot send any messages in the channel. Your number is not visible or shared with anyone.

πŸ”• The WhatsApp Channel will be under the ‘Updates‘ tab in the WhatsApp app, separate from your chats.
You can mute notifications at any time (tap the bell icon to mute or unmute notifications)

About the Telegram Channel:

πŸ₯‡ The Telegram channel is ideal for savvy freebie enthusiasts. We send notifications for every freebie to Telegram

πŸ’¬ Telegram Channels have more features, you can comment on posts, search through old posts and more

πŸ”“ Other members can see your username, your mobile number is not visible or shared with anyone.

About the Star Freebies app:

πŸ€– The Star Freebies app is available for Android devices and gives you access to Star Freebies and other popular UK freebie sources including local freecycling

πŸ“’ You will receive notifications for every new freebie posted (you can turn this off within the settings)

🌐 If you prefer to, you can install an app shortcut of the Star Freebies website from your browser by tapping the 3 dots and select Install app.

🍎 iPhone users can also add an app like shortcut of Star Freebies by selecting the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option when browsing

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