Free Unlimited Cloud Storage (Top 3) [Guide]

Ever wondered how to get unlimited free cloud storage? You’ll want to read on!

When it comes to backing up your files, pictures, videos and sharing them quickly and easily there are plenty of cloud storage options available. These are our top 3 best free cloud storage providers. Some are better than others in terms of features and reliability, whilst others just blow the competition with the amount of storage you can get completely free.

#3 – Telegram (unlimited free storage)

You wouldn’t associate Telegram with cloud storage. However unlike WhatsApp it’s easy for you to save any content. You can upload any files, images and videos to your ‘Saved Messages’, include a tag and then access them via the search functionality whenever and wherever you like. What’s more is Telegram does not impose any limits in terms of how much data you can store. So you effectively have unlimited free cloud storage!

  • No storage limit, you can store as many files as you like
  • Compression is optional when uploading media content
  • It’s good for more than storage. It’s primarily a Messenger app and is great for following public channels (like the Star Freebies channel). It also doesn’t have strict file size and upload restrictions like WhatsApp do.
  • Great on all platforms (web based, desktop and mobile apps)
  • Good login security including 2FA
  • Optional end to end encryption
  • The main disadvantage is that Telegram is not designed to be a cloud storage platform, but designed to be a messenger app. As a result there are no backup/sync functionalities or optimizations that you’d get with other cloud storage providers
  • Whilst it provides unlimited free storage, there is a 2gb limit on each file (so individual files cannot be larger than 2gb)

#2 – Degoo (105gb – unlimited free storage)

Degoo give you a very generous free 100gb storage on sign up (or 105gb free if you sign up via the link below). It’s a particularly popular option for photo storage. As you’d expect they have a website and mobile app. The amount of free storage can easily be increased for free by referring friends or watching ads. – You could *technically get unlimited free cloud storage

  • 105gb free on sign up
  • Additional 5gb free for every friend that you refer. You can get up to 500gb more free storage by referring friends!
  • *Free additional cloud storage for watching ads (750 MB per watched ad) *with no limit on how much free cloud storage you can get!
  • 256 bit end to end encryption and optional 2FA (using Google login)
  • No desktop app
  • Lack of functionality compared to Google Drive – no automatic backup options, no sync options
  • Website isn’t the best
  • Can have ads

#1 – Google Drive (15gb free storage)

Google Drive is probably the most popular free cloud storage option – and rightfully so. You get 15gb free which is a decent amount if you don’t need to store too many files. It’s very easy to use and has lots of advanced sharing and collaboration options as well as integration with other tools (such as Google Docs, Gmail, Photos and third party integrations). If you have a Google/Gmail account you already have access to Google Drive.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Integrated with Google Photos, Google Docs (you can edit files directly in Google Drive)
  • Very good interface with lots of options (e.g. create folders, modify meta data, upload files and folders)
  • Sharing and collaboration options
  • Desktop, mobile apps allow for file sync from your computer/phone to the cloud
  • Even if you did use up your 15gb data their cloud storage costs are among the cheapest (less than Β£2 a month for 100gb – and this can be shared with your family too)
  • Easy to eat up all the free storage space. – If you use Gmail, Google Docs and Google Photos they all eat into your 15gb free storage. Especially with Photo and video backups via Google Photos. If you take lots of pictures and videos and use the auto backup functionality, you can run out of space quickly.

Honorable mentions

  • Mega – 20gb free storage on sign up – secure file storage with all the useful features including sync that you need. They used to give 50gb free on sign up, this has recently been reduced to 20gb. Definitely a great option you should consider!
  • pCloud – 10gb free storage on sign up – also a well known, secure cloud storage platform with good functionality
  • OneDrive – 5gb free – Microsoft’s solution to storage – very similar to Google Drive – integrated with your other Microsoft services including Office, Email etc – you’ll already have this if you have a Hotmail/Live/Outlook account. Also comes pre-installed on Windows with excellent file backup and sync options. However with only 5gb for free it couldn’t trump Google Drive’s 15gb and didn’t make our top 3 list.
  • – 10gb free on sign up – but with an individual file size limit of 250mb couldn’t make the cut. Has great file sync functionality and works much the same as the popular Dropbox but with a lot more free storage space.
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