Free trees (for planting on public land)

The Conservation Volunteers are running the I Dig Trees campaign where you can join the phenomenon and help to plant 3 million trees for climate, wildlife and communities.

Please note:
All trees supplied by I Dig Trees must be planted on publicly accessible land and not on private domestic property

Simply follow the link below to order your free trees (Delivery must be to a residential/business address and not a park/field).
You will be able to select how many tree packs you require for each tree type that you are ordering.
Each pack contains 50 trees. You can request a maximum of 19 packs (950 trees) while enough stock remains.
Please note: Applications of 500+ trees may be delivered on a pallet.

Each pack has different varieties of trees.
Pack 1. Large Plot Pack: 10 x Common Oak, 10 x Silver Birch, 10 x Green Beech, 10 x Hornbeam and 10 x Common Alder.
Pack 2. Small Plot Pack: 10 x Rowan, 10 x Crab Apple, 10 x Downy Birch, 10 x Field Maple and 10 x Aspen
Pack 3. Hawthorn Hedgerow Pack (sold out)
Pack 4. Wildlife & Shrubs Pack: 10 x Hawthorn, 10 x Hazel, 10 x Blackthorn, 10 x Dogwood and 10 x Dog Rose
Pack 5. Native Woodland Pack: 10 x Common Oak, 10 x Green Beech, 5 x Silver Birch, 5 x Common Alder, 5 x Hornbeam, 5 x Rowan, 5 x Field Maple and 5 x Hazel

Order free trees (delivered free)
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