Free medicine delivery [Lloyds Pharmacy]

Lloyds Pharmacy have a free service called Lloyds Direct which lets you get your medicines delivered to your home for free (so you don’t have to go into a pharmacy if you don’t want to). The service also lets you order, track and get reminders for your repeat prescriptions via their website orapp.

Delivery is free on all prescription medicines, including ones that are kept in the fridge. We deliver from our central pharmacy to any address in the UK.

I’ve personally found this one useful for elderly relatives who are on repeat medication – the free service reminds you 10 days before meds will run out. With a tap of a button you order your meds, they confirm the prescription with your GP for you and then they’re delivered to you for free!

It doesn’t matter what pharmacy you currently use, you can switch to Lloyds free online service via the button below!

Tap the Get offer button below and tap Pharmacy 2 U Prescriptions for free prescription delivery

Free prescription delivery lloyds pharmacy
Free medicine delivery from Lloyds Pharmacy via Royal Mail
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