Free Laundry Dosing Device (delivered free)

Free laundry dosing device (delivered free too). You can get a liquid dosing device (for adding the right amount of liquid detergent) or a powder dosing device (to make it easier to add laundry powder detergent).

  • Allow 7 to 14 days for delivery
  • Available for residents in the UK and Ireland

You can see a picture below of what the dosing devices look like.

  • Jug like device is for scooping and pouring powders into the relevant washing machine compartment.
  • The ball like device is for holding liquid detergent. It is placed into the washing machine drum along with the dirty laundry.
  1. Follow the Get offer button below and select either a liquid or powder dosing device and click the respective link
  2. Tap Agree and Continue to the GDPR notice then complete and submit the form to request your free dosing device

If you have any issues submitting a request because their website is busy, just try again a little later.

Thanks to Samiah for sharing this one!

Free dosing device
The top jug like dosing device is for powders, the bottom ball like device is for liquids
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