Free HIV Home Test Kits

This week, people aged 16 and up in England can get free HIV at-home test kits. If you need a test, you can order one for free online. The kit is small enough to fit through a letterbox and is sent in plain packaging. It tests a drop of blood from a finger prick and provides a result in 15 minutes.

Choose from a lab test (with optional syphilis test) and get results by text, or a rapid self-test you can do yourself.

The kit components may expire after 6 months. We ask you to write the date you completed the test kit on your lab card so that we know your sample was taken recently, even if your kit has been ordered some months ago.

We ask that you only order a kit if you plan to use it soon, otherwise you are keeping hold of a kit that someone else could be making use of. Funding for the service is limited, so we want to reduce waste wherever possible.

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