Free £50 for ordering Virgin Media package

Virgin Media have a great offer where you can get £50 cash for free when you take out a new Virgin Media service (any broadband only or broadband & phone or big bundle deals) via the Get offer button below.

You can do it online, or if you prefer you can do it over the telephone with Virgin Media (you need to quote the reward code: ‘HZSIDUMA‘).

You get the £50 after you’ve had your services installed for 60 days – so long as you haven’t cancelled your new contract within this time.
Once the 30 day cancellation period has ended, we’ll send you
r rewards to our referral partner, Aklamio. Sometimes it can take up to nine weeks after your services have been installed for Aklamio to pop the reward in your referral account. Aklamio will let you know when the reward’s been confirmed, and you can have it paid into either your bank account or PayPal account at any time. They will email the instructions – (when it’s available you’d get it by logging into your Aklamio user account and select “Balance”)

Free Virgin Media £50 cashback
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