Free £10 EV charging credit

Free £10 credit for public electric car charging stations from Electroverse courtesy of Barclays and Octopus.
Offer is open to everyone (not restricted to Barclays customers).

Credit on your account will be used against any future public charging sessions with Electroverse, whether using your Electrocard or starting a charge through the app.

You can check the balance of your account directly from the app – just head to the charging history section, and you’ll find it at the top of your phone screen.

Follow the steps below to get your free electric vehicle charging credit:

  1. Follow the Get offer button below and tap Sign up in 30 seconds and create an account.
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email
  3. After 1 hour you’ll get a second email telling you they’ve added £10 of free credit to your account. (You can keep track of your credit via their app)

Free £10 Electric Vehicle charging credit - Electroverse
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