Free shower gel [Superdrug – Roblox]

As part of Superdrug’s 60th birthday celebration they’ve got something special for Roblox gamers. Roblox gamers can get a free fruity shower gel at Superdrug when you play Roblox (it’s a free game) and visit Superdrug in the game!

Users can browse the store, where they can listen to exclusive DJ sets, play mini games, and earn UGC virtual apparel for their avatars. Those who have previously completed all three games will be given a coupon to redeem a free Fruity Shower Gel of their choice at any Superdrug shop nationwide.

Thanks to Shelly for sharing!

For the free shower gel via the Roblox game, the Superdrug Obby in Roblox can be found in Ultimate Easy Obby, Super Fun Obby and Chill Obby. (You get a code for in game and can use this to collect free shower gel from a real store) and other prizes via the game.

Tap the button below to see Superdrug’s official Facebook Reel promoting this offer for the free shower gel.

Free Shower Gel Superdrug Roblox
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