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Here’s a list of the best websites / apps to join to get / apply for free products and sample boxes. You can click the header titles of any of the sites listed below to check them out. This list is constantly growing, so make sure to keep checking back for new additions!

They’re all completely free, you do not need to enter any payment details. You need to complete an initial profile (so that they can match you with products / samples that would be suitable for your gender/age/interests/concerns).

They usually request you to provide them with product feedback or a review after receiving the free products – companies use these sites in order to market & receive feedback on their products.

Do not expect free samples as soon as you join, your profile would need to be matched to a free sampling campaign (if your profile is a good fit) when they have another free sampling campaign.

If you haven’t already, you can join to get the chance to get free product samples. They have new samples every month and there’s a good chance of getting free samples, so definitely worth joining. They are part of #sopost.
Top brands want you (yes, you!) to try their product samples, so we box up products and send them to your doorstep for free. It’s like getting a care package from brands you love and other brands you’ve been waiting to try!
They usually email you when there’s a free product sample opportunity that is open for you.

Marie Claire Beauty Drawer is another powered by #sopost for beauty related free samples – well worth joining. If your profile is eligible for any new free sampling campaigns from big beauty brands, you will receive an email invitation to get the free sample products.

#sopost also run the Woman & Home beauty counter website where you can get the chance to get free beauty related samples too.
Complete your beauty profile and opt into the free samples and when they have free samples that match your profile they’ll email you.
They usually email you when there’s a free product sample opportunity that is open for you.

Supersavvyme is run by P&G who own loads of big brands like Bold, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Lenor, Febreeze etc. They give away free bundles every week via their app which you can apply for. They also give away free samples every so often too. So worth joining them on both their app and website as they have different giveaways running on both.
You will need to check their website and app to apply for free product opportunities, they’ll occasionally email you too

Influenster give you the opportunity to try free products for you to review. You need to sign up and then download their app, complete your profile and link your social media accounts. You unlock tiers by earning points by writing reviews and completing point earning activities. The higher your tier the more free product sample opportunities you’d get.
They usually email you new free product opportunities/send a notification. You should also complete activities on the app frequently to build your tier.

Flavorwiki pay you to provide feedback on food and drink products from supermarkets. You can login to your Flavorwiki dashboard every so often to check what offers are currently available. You would be told what product to buy from the supermarket and then be asked to provide feedback on it and get paid to do so

Home Tester Club is another must have, you’ll need to create an account and complete your profile. Every few days they’ll have new free product review opportunities that you can apply for directly on their website.
You’ll need to check their website every few days to see what new testing opportunities there are and apply for them, they may occasionally email you too.

You can join Parents Squad from Emma’s Diary and apply for ‘missions’ to get free products for babies and children and getting free tickets to family events

Join the Cohorted Beauty Lounge to get the chance to receive free beauty products and makeup samples straight to your door

Eurofins Alba have a Home User Panel where you can test products from home. They request your opinion in exchange for free products. The product trials are listed on and they also contact you via email.

Tesco Home Panel gives you the chance to get free Tesco products to test (usually from F&F – their clothing brand). They will match you to products according to your profile and will email you with opportunities. You can also see what tests are available by logging into your account and tapping ‘My Trials and Surveys’

You can apply to Vogue Insiders and you’ll get the chance to trial products and share your feedback. They also give you access to beauty content and events too. You can apply and they’ll let you know if you were successful and let you know of any opportunities.

Nuxe Paris (linked to Skeepers) – free products for video reviews. Receive complimentary products and share your review on video

Superdrug also have a Superdrug community forum where there is a section to Test & Review products from Superdrug. Much like the other sites you would create an account, complete a profile. The community has a Contests section too where you can register to win bundles

NetMums have a test and review panel that where you can get free products to test and review. You can create an account and then see what products are available and apply for them. They will let you know if you have been selected

Launch Pilot have an online product research community where you get the chance to test products for free and earn ‘pilotpoints’ that you can exchange for cash. You can apply to create an account and they’ll let you know if your application has been approved within a couple of days.

CeraVe have a community section too with free product giveaways to test their products, just join and check out the community to see the latest free product opportunities that you can apply for.

Rimmel have an app called Rimmel Live with periodic free samples (they’re usually very free available) and also free competitions to win Rimmel products. If you’re a fan of their products it’s worth joining.

Nars Cosmetics has a NARS Community and within this there’s a section where you can test and review NARS products. You’ll see a list of available tests and can apply to each product test. If you are selected they will let you know.

When you join the Vichy Community you can get the chance to sample products and also test and review full size products. Go to the Review Products tab in the community to apply for free products.

This is Boots tester club, however they are pretty restrictive on who they take on. Feel free to give it a go but they might not accept your application. Volunteers are recruited for studies on a case by case basis depending on recruitment criteria.

Samplico also offer free product sample boxes where your profile matches a campaign. You would receive an email notification if you’re eligible for a free sample campaign.
Samplico Sample boxes are assigned to members according to their profiles, during campaign periods. Not only interest areas but age, gender, shopping habits, and all other questions answered in the member survey constructs a member’s profile. You will be notified by email when there is a box matches your profile.

Skeepers let’s you order free products in exchange for a reviews. They add free products to their site every so often and you need to be quick to order them. They’re completely free and delivered free too.

BzzAgent give you the chance to get products from your favourite brands and write reviews for them. They will email you if your profile matches with any campaigns that they have. BzzAgent also go by the name Powerreviews.

TriyIt is a product discovery club, they’ll send you offers. Occasionally these will include free sample boxes.
When a new campaign comes along that matches your profile, we’ll activate your membership and you’ll get a Triyit box, packed with full size products, delivered to your home for free!
Unlike the others you’ll also often receive email advert offers from them where you have to pay for delivery for their partner offers.

You can join Philips product tester club to get the chance to test Philips products. After you login to your account and tap Tests you can see what test are currently available. You can enlist in whichever product tests are of interest and if selected they will let you know and send you the products. There are usually only a few specific tests available at a time.

In addition to joining these sites you can get sampling opportunities through email newsletters from brands/companies like Conde Naste, Oral B, Valentino and loads more, so make sure to join the email newsletters for any brands that you like to follow. You will want to use a spare email address for all things related to online offers, to prevent your main inbox getting spammed by third party partners.

If you think there are other websites/apps that should also be on the list let us know via the comments section here!

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