Up to £230 free [bank switch bonus]

First Direct are currently offering a free £175 welcome when you switch a bank account to them using the current account switch service. Follow the steps below and in addition to the £175 you can get an additional £45 + £10 via cashback making a total of £230 free cash!

Note: As part of the bank switch, you will also need to pay in £1000 within 30 days of opening the account. Offer for new First Direct customers. Terms apply, see First Direct offer for more.

To get up to £230 free cash for switching a bank account to First Direct, follow the steps below:

  1. (Optional – to get an additional free £10 cashback) Create a new Topcashback account* – this allows new users to get a free £10 cashback bonus when they first earn £10 of cashback.
  2. (To get the free £45 cashback) On the Topcashback website, claim the free First Direct account cashback deal for £175 switch bonus + £45 cashback
  3. (To get the free £175 switch bonus) Follow the prompts and use the Current Account Switch Service to switch an account to First Direct, including at least 2 direct debits or standing orders. Pay in at least £1000, make 5+ debit card payments and log on to digital banking within 30 days of opening your account.

First direct bank switch bonus

*By using our link to create a Topcashback account, we may also earn an affiliate commission once you earn £10 of cashback

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