SPAR instant win competition (150,000 prizes) [expired]

SPAR are running an instant win free giveaway with 150,000 prizes. You can enter once a day. Daily Prize Draws include: 500x £10 SPAR vouchers, 42 x £200 cash prize… Grand Prize Draw: 1 x £10,000 holiday prize.

They send a verification code and prizes via text message.

Note: If you win SPAR vouchers, these can only be redeemed in participating stores in the North of England.

You can see a full list of all the prizes at the bottom of this page.

Instant Rewards: To be allocated randomly. 150,000 available to be won. Any vouchers must be claimed within 7 days & can only be redeemed in participating SPAR stores in the north of England. Max 1 entry p/person p/day. Max 1 Daily Prize p/person. Max 1 Grand Prize p/person.

Competition ends 28th June 2023.

During the Promotion Period there are 150,000 Instant Rewards to be
won and will be allocated randomly:
a. 500 x £10 SPAR Voucher
b. 1,000 x £5 SPAR Voucher
c. 5,000 x £2 SPAR Voucher
d. 10,000 x Spend £25 Get £5 OFF SPAR Voucher
e. 2,500 x £1 OFF Fruit or Veg (fresh or tinned) SPAR Voucher
f. 2,000 x 2 x FREE Frijj (400ml)
g. 1,000 x FREE Touch of Fruit (1.5L)
h. 2,000 x FREE Robinsons (1L)
i. 2,000 x FREE Clayton Park Double Choc Cookies (4pk) OR McVities Hobnobs (262g)
OR Jaffa Cakes (18s)
j. 1,000 x £2 OFF Red Bull (4pk) 1,000
k. 1,000 x FREE Diet Coke (1.25L) OR Coke Zero (1.25L) OR Coke Zero Cherry (1.25L)
l. 1,000 x FREE Coca-Cola (1.25L)
m. 1,000 x FREE Cadbury’s Twirl Mint (39g)
n. 1,000 x FREE Nestle Chocolate Bars (3pk or 4pk)
o. 1,000 x 2 x FREE Batchelors Pasta and Sauce Pots (65g) OR Ambrosia Pots (150g)
p. 1,000 x £2 OFF Naked Blue OR Green Machine Smoothie (750ml)
q. 2,000 x FREE Quavers Cheese (6pk) OR Monster Munch Pickled Onion (6pk) OR
Wotsits Cheese (6pk)
r. 1,000 x FREE Popchips (85g)
s. 1,000 x £2 OFF Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut (500g) OR Weetabix (24s)
t. 1,000 x £2 OFF Azera Americano (90g)
u. 1,000 x FREE Nando Squeezy Perinase (265g) OR Peri Peri Sauce (125g)
v. 1,000 x FREE McCoys (6pk)
w. 2,000 x 2 x FREE Walkers Crisps Monster Munch OR Doritos Chilli OR Wotsits Cheese
x. £2 OFF Red Bull (8pk) 1,000
y. 2,000 x FREE Tango 330ml (6pk)
z. 2,000 x £2 OFF Monster (4pk)
aa. 1,000 x FREE Slush Puppie Flavoured Drink (2L)
bb. 1,000 x FREE Aero (90g) Milky Bar Gold (85g) or Crunch Block (100g)
cc. 1, 000 x FREE Clayton Park White Cookies (4pk)
dd. 1,000 x FREE Naked Blue OR Green OR Gold Smoothie (300ml)
ee. 1,000 x FREE Cadbury’s Multipack (4pk or 5pk)
ff. 82,000 x 1 Additional Grand Prize Entry to WIN £10k Getaway
gg. 10,000 x 5 Additional Grand Prize Entries to WIN £10k Getaway
hh. 1,000 x 10 Additional Grand Prize Entries to WIN £10k Getaway
ii. 5,000 x Straight2You Promo Code

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