SIM with 15gb data, unlimited mins [Β£1 per month]

Update: This one is now Β£1 per month, for 7 months (no fixed contract – 30 days rolling) 🀯

Lebara 5G SIM card with 15gb of data per month, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts for only Β£1 per month! You get that Β£1 price for 7x months. You can change networks at any time as you’re not tied into any contract.

  • πŸ“± 15gb 5G data (powered by Vodafone network), unlimited minutes and texts. You also additionally get 100 international minutes to select countries.
  • 🚫 No contract – it’s a 30 day rolling SIM that costs Β£1 per month. – You’re not fixed into any contract you can stop it at any time.
  • It’s only Β£1 per month for up to 7 months, after that the price changes to Β£7.90 per month (there’s no fixed term contract, so you can stop whenever you want)

This is a really good deal (I’m using it personally, it’s really a no brainer!)

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Lebara SIM 15gb unlimited minutes for 90p

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