Robinsons Big Fruit Hunt Game (2,125 prizes) [expired]

Robinsons have a virtual fruit find game that you can play on your phone and win prizes. There are 2,125 prizes available that will be randomly assigned. Once you collect 4 fruit pins you win a prize.

The Robinsons Promotion prizes consist of:

  • 1,800 water bottles
  • 325 game packs consisting of a tote bag containing the following:
    • Kite
    • Frisbee
    • Table Tennis kit

There are also 5,000 x Β£1 off product vouchers to be awarded to the first 5,000 non-winning entrants.

The 4 fruit pins can be found in a single session of game play or spread over multiple sessions. To continue game play after 4 pins have been discovered, a new session will need to be started. The user can choose to go to a green space immediately or within 7 days and keep the game active without the need for mobile number entry again. You will need to confirm your details within 2 hours of completing your game play.

The Robinsons Promotional Period will end at 23:59 BST on the 4th September 2023

When playing you don’t have to go to the locations on the map to get the fruits, there’s an option on the bottom right to not use GPS and just get a fruit at your location.

Robinsons fruit find game
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