Free Smart Bag (delivered free) (Londoners only)

[This offer is for people living in London (i.e. address within the M25) only]
Free eco friendly, recyclable Smart bag (free delivery too).

Download the Bagboard app via the link below. It’ll ask if you have a Bagboard smart bag yet, tap ‘No’ and it’ll let you order one (free, with free delivery too within 2-5 working days).

As these are recyclable bags, they’ll send you a new bag every so often (or you can request a new one every 4 weeks via the app). They also reward you with spendable points for using the free bag.

When it asks for a referral code on sign up you can use the code UEM802581 to get 250 free ‘conscious coins’ (they’ll remove 100 single use plastic bags from the ocean on your behalf)

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