Free Robin pin badge & certificate for kids

Song bird survival are doing a Ruby Robin award. Where you can complete activities with kids (like creating bird feeders, spotting birds etc). (Targeted for children aged 5 to 11).

When you have completed the activities you can request your free Ruby Robin award – you get free certificates and Robin pin badges (delivered free too).

Earn your Ruby Robin award this December.

In the winter birds can have a really hard time. It gets colder and food is hard to find. They need your help.

Signing up for the Ruby Robin award will mean you help songbirds this winter and in the future.It’s fun and simple, with four exciting challenges to do throughout December.

Just complete the activities from our suggestions or come up with your own ideas.

Then claim your reward and we will send you a special Ruby Robin certificate and pin badge.

Follow the button below to sign up. When you have completed the activities you can send your request for the free certificates and pin badges.

Free ruby robin certificate and pin badge
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