You can get a free full pack of Pampers nappies for babies and toddlers in sizes 1 to 7 and also for children aged 4 to 7. You can also get free Huggies DryNites samples for kids aged 3 to 15.
Follow the respective Pampers links below to get a coupon for a free full pack (you can use these at the supermarket).
Allow 28 days for delivery of the coupon (they usually come sooner). It’s 1 per household and you won’t be eligible if you received a coupon in the past 3 months.

Mamia full pack coupon (newborn weight 2-5kg)
Coupon for a full free pack of Mamia newborn nappies that can be redeemed at Aldi stores. Coupon is sent by post.

Pampers Full Pack Coupon (Poonami proof for sizes 3 to 7):
Free Pampers Essential pack Full value coupon!
The coupon gets posted to you for a free 36 pack of nappies. You can choose the variety you like from: Pampers Baby Dry Pants, Active Fit Pants, Baby Dry Superhero Nappy Pants, Baby Dry Night Pants.
Limited to 1 coupon sheet per household.

Pampers Full Pack Coupon (Ninjamas for ages 4 to 7):
Free Ninjamas Pyjama pants (for all night leak protection) full pack coupon!
They will post the coupon to you for a full free pack suitable for ages 4 to 7 (17kg – 30kg).

Huggies sample pants (for ages 3 to 15):
You can get free DryNites samples from Huggies. They have Marvel characters (Spiderman / Ironman) for boys and Elsa for girls. They will post the sample pants along with a discount coupon. (Not a full free pack).

Free Nappies - free nappy Samples

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