Free Kiehls cream samples (delivered free)

Looks like there’s more stock, if you’re quick πŸ™‚

4x free cream samples from Keihl’s (delivered free too). The samples are recommended according to your skin profile and age.

  1. Tap the Get offer button below then where it says instant skin reader, tap the Get started buttons and Accept the terms.
  2. Upload a photo of a face (your face, to get your skin profile) or take a photo.
    Tap Continue and then enter your gender, age and skin type for a personalised skin care routine and samples.
  3. On the results page, just below overview you’ll want to scroll down (you can tap the purple down arrows).
    Then tap the black button at the bottom of the page that says Discover my routine. You can then tap the button that says Send me my sample routine. Complete that form to order your free samples (delivered free too).

Different samples have different availability of stock, so some samples will have more stock than others. Samples will vary according to the age, gender and skin concerns that you enter!

If you get a campaign finished message it means those samples have temporarily run out (if you change the skin concerns criteria/age/gender it’ll suggest other free samples for you)

Free Kiehls cream samples
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