Free Cryptocurrency ($20+) [Coinbase]

Coinbase (one of the most popular cryptocurrency sites) gives free crypto when you answer simple quizes. They’re usually only 3 multiple choice questions about a new cryptocurrency (they take about 30 seconds to do). You can try as many times as you like if you get the question wrong. It’s completely free (it’s their way of marketing new cryptocurrencies). – You usually get paid $1 worth of crypto per question.

We did it & it was super easy to do. They add more ways to get free coins every so often (screenshot below of the free coins we got). They also have an option to transfer the money to your PayPal in pounds if you don’t want to keep it as crypto currency. Once you’ve created a Coinbase account click ‘Earn rewards’ to get your free crypto by completing quizes!

There is sometimes a waiting list for new users to be able to get the free crypto from Earn Rewards, but it’s not very long (and it’s all completely free, so well worth getting access)

You can also get Β£7 in Bitcoin for free when you buy or sell Β£74 worth of crypto!

The free Crypto coins we have in our account πŸ™‚
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