Free Boxer Shorts (2 pairs – worth £19.98)*

On That Ass are doing a promotion at the mo where you can get 2 pairs of boxer shorts for *free!

*You get the first pair completely free on sign up (delivered free too). Then if you pay (£9.99) for your second pair they’ll throw in a third pair for free too with it!

On That Ass have the UK’s best selling comfortable boxer shorts. They have a unique boxer shorts membership (subscription service) where you get a new pair of trendy boxers with exclusive designs every month!
More than 3 million men have already tried ON THAT ASS and rated us with a 9+.

Buy 1 get 3 (users sign up and get 1 boxer for free. When they pay the first subscription, they will get 2 pairs instead of 1).

On That Ass is the UK’s most popular boxer shorts subscription service. If you do not want to continue your subscription for any reason, you can choose to pause or cancel at any time. (You can read more about the free trial and notice periods here).

Free boxer shorts
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