Free bottle of Coke [voucher] [expired]

Free bottle of Coca-Cola Zero or Coca-Cola Zero Cherry (500ml).
Get a free voucher with their official Take A Taste AR game.

You get a free Coke coupon to use at any one of the below supermarkets:

  • Tesco
  • Londis
  • Premier
  • Budgens

  • Follow the Get offer button below and play the AR game. – You’ll need to allow the location and camera permissions to the browser and the website for the game to work properly.

  • When the AR game starts, you need to put the palm of your hand (about 50cm) in front of the phone and a bottle of Coke will appear in it on screen. You then tap the button at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Tap here for your free bottle’ and it’ll give you the free Coke voucher for using at the supermarket of your choice.

  • If the AR game doesn’t work properly, you can just tap skip and then tap the ‘Tap here for your free bottle’ button at the bottom of the page to get your free Coke voucher.

  • The voucher will have a moving barcode, so once you’ve got your voucher copy/save the link so that you can use it in the shop (a screenshot may not work).

  • You’ll have 24 hours to use the voucher/barcode once it’s been generated.

If you have issues with the website, check that you have enabled location and camera permission to the browser that you are using and to the website. – If you had accidentally rejected these permission requests previously you can use a new incognito (private browsing) tab to try again.

Free Coke voucher

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