Free £20 with 2x £5 spends [Zing] [expired]

Zing is a new free international money app (from HSBC).

You can currently get £20 free cash added to your account when you create a new account (via the button at the bottom of the page) and make 2x foreign currency transactions (worth £5+ each) using your Zing account or card.

🗓️ You must complete the steps (at the bottom of this page) by 3rd July 2024 08:59 BST to get the free £20 offer

  • Zing lets you hold and spend multiple currencies. It also functions as a normal top up spending card too.
  • You get a free virtual card straight away and can also order a free physical card if you prefer
  • Took less than 5 mins to create an account
  • You can add your card to your virtual Apple / Google wallet to use it anywhere
  • Zing is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and is part of HSBC
  • They’ll be adding rewards and discounts to the app soon
  • You can also refer up to 20 friends and get £20 each

Your two foreign currency (non-GBP) transactions of an equivalent value of £5+. can be a combination of:

  • Sending any foreign currency to a non-Zing account (e.g. send some Euros to your Revolut account)
  • Sending any foreign currency to another Zing member’s wallet (sending money to your own Zing wallets doesn’t count) (e.g. send some Euros to your partner/spouse)
  • Spending in any foreign currency using their digital or physical Zing card (e.g. can be as simple as topping up your Revolut Euros account)

To get your free £20 sign up bonus, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the Get offer button below (you’ll see the £20 offer being mentioned). Enter your mobile number in the online form
  2. Create a Zing account using the same mobile number
  3. Make two foreign currency (non-GBP) transactions each of an equivalent value of £5+ (see above).

Your £20 reward will normally be added to your Zing account within 30 days of the steps being successfully completed.

Free £20 Zing
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