Update: This offer has now ended and the bonus is now a free £5 (not £15).

Free £15 when you create a Zilch account and use it to make any tap & pay purchase with your virtual Zilch card. This offer is open for anyone who hasn’t created a Zilch account yet (it’s a must have, it’s free and easy to do).

Zilch is a free virtual payment card that links to any existing Mastercard / Visa. *You get 0.5% free cashback on every purchase.

If you haven’t got a Zilch account yet, you can get a free £15 bonus by following the steps below

  1. Sign up to Zilch using the Get Offer button below
  2. Verify your identity & link a card
  3. Add your Zilch card to your phone’s digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay / Google Wallet)
  4. Use it to make any Tap and Pay purchase (any amount)

£15 in Rewards will be applied automatically to your account after you’ve made your first Tap and Pay transaction (using your Zilch virtual card). You can then use the £15 on any purchase (in store or online by activating the rewards before using your Zilch card to pay).

I personally use a Zilch card for all my purchases as it automatically pays you 0.5% cashback on every spend you use it for (*where you pay in full). Pro tip: link it to a card that pays cashback like a Chase card to stack your cashback (e.g. if you link Zilch to a Chase card you’ll get 1.5% cashback on every purchase you make!)

Offer running until 1st November 2023.

Free £15 Zilch new users

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