Free £11 for downloading TikTok [new devices]

TikTok are currently offering a free £11 sign up bonus if you download TikTok and create a new account (it needs to be on a phone or tablet that has not used TikTok before).

To get the free £11 you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click here then tap Join TikTok and download the TikTok app (on the device that has not used TikTok before)
  2. Create your TikTok account then click into TikTok Rewards. To access TikTok Rewards, you can tap the Profile icon (bottom right) then the Gift icon (top left). Or you can just click here and then tap Join TikTok again and this will take you straight to the rewards page in the app.
    If prompted to enter a referral code, enter the code CF4097031
  3. Tap the Check In button
  4. Repeat the Check In daily for 7 days (open TikTok, go into Rewards and tap Check In)

At the end of the 7 days you will have £11 worth of points. You can redeem the points for an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal credit or Apple App Store/iTunes credit. To do this just tap Redeem at the top of the Rewards page.

If you have trouble claiming your reward, follow the Get offer button below again and tap Join TikTok again or re-enter the code below.

Offer ends 31st May 2023.

TikTok Free Sign Up Bonus - Free Amazon Voucher / PayPal money

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