Free £10 worth of Bitcoin (completely free – no spend)

If you’ve not done this one yet, new users of Luno can get £10 of Bitcoin completely free (no deposit or spend required) using the code BPMR219

This one is easy, just follow the steps below. (You must be a UK resident and over 18, you will be required to verify your ID).

1. Create an account on the Luno website or via the Luno app

2. Verify your account with photo ID (tap ‘Profile’, ‘Settings’, ‘Verification’)

3. Tap the ‘Rewards’ tab, ‘ENTER A CODE’, and enter BPMR219 and tap ‘APPLY CODE’

4. You’ll instantly get £10 of Bitcoin added to your account! 😁

Congratulations, you now own some Bitcoin! That Bitcoin (BTC) is yours. The free £10 will show as pending in your rewards wallet for 30 days, after this it’ll be active in your Bitcoin wallet and you can do whatever you want with it. You can also sell, transfer or trade Bitcoin for other cryptos like Etherium, Ripple and more too. (Note: the free £10 Bitcoin cannot be moved within 30 days).

The value of Bitcoin drops and increases all the time; which makes it great for buying and selling.

The free £10 offer also gives you access to their next webinar (over Zoom). In which they give a non-technical explanation of what Bitcoin is, why it’s important, how it will affect you. It’s ideal for total beginners to learn more about Bitcoin and you can ask any questions (it’s free).

Note: The code in this offer is different from the referral codes (referral codes require the new user to deposit £100). This code gives you £10 of BTC without requiring any deposit.
Free Luno sign up bonus. Free £10 Bitcoin
Simply enter promo code into the Rewards tab
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