Cadbury Secret Santa 2023 – Free Chocolate [expired]

Cadbury Secret Santa is back again this year!

You can send a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar to someone special via their Secret Santa Postal Service (completely free).

📅 Cadbury Secret Santa Starts From Monday, 06 November 2023 (from 6am) and ends Sunday 24 December 2023 at 23:59

  • 📈 This year Cadburys are giving away 120,000 chocolate bars
  • 🍫 You can choose from the following Cadbury 100-120g chocolate bars: Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland, Cadbury Dairy Milk (original), Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole nut, Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, CDM Mini Snowballs and Cadbury Dairy Milk Plant Bar
  • 👀 There will be Secret Santa posters scattered across 786 locations in the UK (at high streets, bus stops and train stations) and online. The ads will contain a QR code that you can scan in order to send a free bar of chocolate. There’s a daily claim limit on each link.

    If your link has reached the daily claim limit you will be able to enter a separate prize draw, to win 1 of 5 Cadbury hampers. Winners of the prize draw will be emailed on 5th Jan 2024. They must accept their prize by 18th Jan 2024.
  • 📮 Chocolate bars will be dispatched within 1 to 2 weeks via Royal Mail.
  • 🚫 Max 1 bar per mobile number. Max 5 per household. If you abuse the system by participating multiple times, use a fraudulent mobile number or send more than 3 free bars to the same postal address, you can be get blocked. There’s a 10 minute limit to complete ordering your free bar before the page will expire.
  • 🤩 You’ll get all the exclusive updates on Star Freebies first. – On this post and via our Telegram and WhatsApp channels – (you’ll need to tap the 🔔 to enable notifications after Following the WhatsApp channel). If you haven’t joined them yet, make sure you do as the free Cadbury bars don’t hang around for long!

➡️ How to send a free chocolate bar:

1️⃣ Find a Cadbury Secret Santa Postal Service poster & scan the QR code. (Alternatively click the Cadbury links below – you’ll need to be persistent).
This will take you to a Secret Santa Postal Service website, the site will tell you if that link has reached the daily claim limit. (If it has, you will get the option to enter a prize draw to win 1 of 5 hampers). If it hasn’t, you’ll be able to order a free chocolate.

2️⃣ Complete your details & enter your mobile number to receive an SMS verification code. (This checks if you’ve already sent a chocolate bar – there’s a limit of 1 per number).
Once you enter your SMS verification code, you’ll be able to send a free chocolate bar to anyone, delivered free too!

If you spot a poster, share a pic via the FB discussion link below!

If the links below are out of chocolate at the moment, just keep trying (persistently) and you will get through. Links are constantly updated and re-stocked, but also go very fast.

Make sure to open this page or the links below in incognito to make sure you’re seeing the latest links! You can receive freebie notifications here

Cadbury Secret Santa - Free Chocolate

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