This guide highlights the best (free) cashback apps and websites in the UK (based on my experience).
You should be registered to all of the free services below to maximize the amount of free cashback you get every time you shop!

If you’re not familiar with cashback – it means that you get paid back a percentage of whatever you spend. You basically get paid whenever you shop at popular retailers like Tesco, Amazon, Primark, McDonalds etc. Or whenever you buy a giftcard for your favourite supermarket or store.

#1) Topcashback (+ Free Β£15 Sports Direct Spend)

Topcashback is arguably the most well known cashback site in the UK. You should be carrying out all of your online purchases via Topcashback. Based on my experiences, they are the best cashback website for online purchases

New users can sign up via the button below & get a free Β£15 spend at Sports Direct (online) via cashback (you get 100% cashback up to Β£15)*

When wanting to make any online purchase, you should always first check if the retailer is listed on Topcashback and then complete your purchase by going through the Topcashback website (they’ve got most online retailers from eBay to Selfridge’s). They usually have the highest cashback rates compared to other cashback sites (or can match it).

I also highly recommend getting utilities like broadband/mobile contracts/insurance via Topcashback. They feature the biggest comparison websites and on top of getting the cheapest rates you usually end up getting a healthy amount of free cashback too.

It’s worth noting that when going via a cashback site, if you use a discount code at checkout that is not listed/approved on the cashback website it may invalidate your ability to get cashback on that transaction.

Tip: You can also buy giftcards for your in store shops and supermarket trips by searching for Topgiftcards on the Topcashback website. – You get paid a percentage of the giftcard. This includes your popular supermarkets and retailers like Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland, Sainsburys, Argos, B&M, Primark, Costa and more e.g. 5% on a Tesco gift card or 10% on a Costa gift card. You could effectively save/make money on every purchase you make!
(If the retailer you want is not listed there, you can try JamDoughnut which is another cashback service on our list, they often have higher cashback rates on gift cards and more options!)

Note: They have two membership types – Classic which is free and Plus which gives you a 5% bonus cashback on everything but takes Β£5 from your earnings annually. Once you’ve created your account, you can check/switch from Plus to Classic account > here <

#2) JamDoughnut (+ free Β£3 bonus)

JamDoughnut is a brilliant hidden gem.
This app lets you buy gift cards (for popular retailers/supermarkets) and rewards you with cashback every time you buy a gift card!
They currently feature lots of popular retailers including Argos (4.8% cashback), Asda (3.4% cashback), B&M (4.9% cashback), Costa (7.9% cashback), Morrisons (3.9% cashback) (cashback rates vary).
If you were to use Jam Doughnut to purchase gift cards to pay for all your shops you would end up saving/making a lot of money as their cashback rates are so high. It’s like getting an automatic discount every time you shop. The gift cards are generated within minutes so just buy a gift card before every shop!

When you’ve earned 1000 cashback points (worth Β£10) you can withdraw the money as cash to your bank.

Use the code YOQB on sign up to get a free Β£3 bonus with your first gift card purchase


Noteable alternatives: Topgiftcards (part of Topcashback can have higher rates, so worth checking). Cheddar do gift cards too (see below)

#3) Cheddar

You simply link your spending card and Cheddar automatically tracks and credits you with cashback. You can currently get cashback in store and online at Tesco (1%), Sainsburys (1%) Boohoo (8%), TFL (1%), Sports Direct (6%) and a few more places.

Cheddar also lets you buy gift cards and earn cashback immediately. The cashback rates are competitive. They generate the gift cards straight away, so this is a definitely a must have app!

Use the code FREEBIE on sign up to get boosted cashback rates


#4) Airtimerewards (+ Free Β£1.50 bonus)

Airtimerewards is one of the most popular cashback services on our list and very well known already.

You link your payment card in the app and whenever you spend at a featured retailer using that card, it automatically tracks and gives you cashback (works in store & online). They feature popular high street retailers including Morrisons/Boots/Argos/Greggs/Wilko & more.

However the twist is, as the name suggests, Airtimerewards cashback earnt can be used to get free Airtime (i.e. pay your mobile bill/add mobile credit). You cannot withdraw the cashback earnt as cash, you have to use it as mobile credit or to pay a mobile bill. You also have the option to gift the mobile credit that you’ve earned to a friend (as long as they too have an Airtimerewards account).

New users can use the promo code N4MYFL3E on sign up to get a free Β£1.50 bonus if you spend at any featured retailer within 7 days.


Bonus Tip

You should be using a payment card that also pays you cashback on every spend. This way you can stack the cashback that you earn!

The best option at the moment would be to create a Zilch account and an Uphold account (both are free) and you will make an additional 1.5% cashback on every spend.

You would link the Uphold card to your Zilch account and use the Zilch card to pay.
The Zilch card is just a virtual payment card that links to an existing payment card. Zilch currently gives you 0.5% cashback on every spend paid in full and Uphold give you 1% cashback for the first year. So you would get a total of 1.5% cashback on every spend (Zilch also pay higher cashback rates for featured retailers).

If you create a Zilch account using the button below you will get a completely free Β£5 reward added to your account the first time you use it to tap and pay!

Best cashback websites UK

*The Topcashback Tell-A-Friend link lets you get the mentioned new user bonus when you create a new account. By using my link I may receive a referral reward.

If you’re after cashback freebies from supermarkets (where you upload a pic of your receipt to get money back). You can find the best supermarket cashback apps for freebies

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