£7 off £15 [Deliveroo]*

You can currently get £7 off your next 2 orders on Deliveroo (of £15 or more). *To get this offer you’ll need Deliveroo Plus Silver. (You get this for free with an Amazon Prime account, – if you don’t have Prime – you can get free trial access for 30 days to 6 months and you can cancel at any time), then add the code PRIMEDAY24 within the Deliveroo app to get this voucher added to your account.

  • How to use the Deliveroo Prime Day Voucher Code: Customers must input the Deliveroo Prime Day Voucher Code in the Vouchers and Credit section of their Deliveroo account. The Prime/Plus Vouchers will be automatically applied to the users next two eligible orders.
  • 58,000 code redemptions available
  •  Users have until the 7th August 2024 to use the Prime/Plus vouchers
    once added to your Deliveroo account
  • Minimum Order Value: Each Prime/Plus Voucher can only be redeemed if the order
  • value (excluding delivery and service fees) is £15 or more.

Follow the steps below to get this offer, make sure you have a Prime account to get free Deliveroo Plus (you can get free access to Prime here with a free trial) and make sure to link your Prime account to Deliveroo. Then tap the Get offer button below to claim the offer (use the code PRIMEDAY24 in the Deliveroo app)


£7 off Prime

*By using our affiliate link to join Prime or make a purchase we may earn a small commission

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